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"I try in my prints to testify that we live in a beautiful and orderly world,
and not in a formless chaos, as it sometimes seems.”
  -- M. C. Escher
Escher's mural

A Brief Biography of M. C. Escher

By Jeffrey Price


M. C. Escher's Printmaking Techniques and Editions

By Jeffrey Price

How Escher created his original graphics.


Cycle, Spirals, and Snakes
By Jeffrey Price

Unity, Duality, and Infinity in Escher's Prints

Escher's Weaving


Weaving Through Infinity
By Jeffrey Price

Exploring why Escher's art resonates with meaning.

Encounter Thumbnail

By Jeffrey Price


Figures and space in light and dark, from flat space to full forms.

Escher Meta


Escher Authentication
By Jeffrey Price


The basics of print authentication




Order and Chaos

By Jeffrey Price


Meditations on a complex and curious print

Escher's Smaller and Smaller

M. C. Escher Blacklight Posters
By Jeffrey Price


The Artists' Market's collection of Flouresent Escher prints

Castrolvalva Thumbnail

M.C. Escher Castrovalva
By Bruno Ernst


Unpublished notes on this print by this extraordinary Escher author

Puddle Thumbnail


By Jeffrey Price


Reflections on this serene and complex Escher woodcut

Elements Thumbnail

The Four Elements
By Jeffrey Price


Earth, Air, Fire, and Water... as Escher depicted them.

 EscherEscher's Right and Left Brain
By Jeffrey Price
 MCE workingRecollections of Visting M.C. Escher
By Edward Peck
MCEdeRijkUnpublished Recollections about M.C. Escher
By Bruno Ernst
 Halldorson MCE 2

 My Time with M. C. Escher

recollections of visiting Escher in 1970

by Michael Halldorson, illustrated with his photographs