Artists' Market in Norwalk, Connecticut has the only permanent gallery collection of M. C. Escher's original artwork on exhibition and for sale. For more information about buying and selling Escher original prints, contact the owner, Jeffrey Price, at 203-846-2550 or

Meta Exhibit

M. C. Escher exhibit at Artists' Market, Norwalk, Connecticut, ca. 1992


Museum collections of Escher's original artwork are often not on public exhibition. It is recommended that you contact an institution prior to your visit to make an appointment to view the works. Some museums which house Escher masterworks include:

Het Palais Museum devoted to M.C. Escher's work, The Hague, Holland. Photo by Jeffrey Price.
The sculpture in front of the museum is a copy of one created by Escher,
and this shape is seen inhabited by dinosaurs in his lithograph "Gravity."