Kenny Pieper Glass

Kenny Pieper was born in Birmingham, Alabama and raised in the mountains of North Carolina. He began his craft career in high school when he studied at the Penland School of Crafts.

28” Tall x 10” Diameter
Hand-blown glass, Reticello and Primavera Vase.
Tall Satellite Series Vase.
Kenny Pieper’s work combines contemporary design with traditional techniques which creates a striking sculptural vessel. The central element, which resembles black marble, is achieved by utilizing an Italian technique named Primavera and blends beautifully with the complex patterns of Reticello cane work. Reticello is another Italian technique where color rods are picked up, twisted in one direction, and blown in the shape of a cup. A second cup is made with the rods twisted in the opposite direction. Kenny then drops that cup inside the first, which creates tiny bubbles within the diamond shape where the two cups come together

Bri'oni Goblets

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Hulet detail

Hulet Glass Chocolates

These confections are the ultimate indulgence and the perfect gift for a chocolate-loving glass collector. Every chocolate is a unique creation from the Hulet glass artisans. Why settle for ordinary chocolates when you can combine the elegant decadence of chocolate with the beauty of art glass? Hulet handcrafted glass chocolates are individually signed and dated and each "chocolate" has a piece of soft felt affixed to the bottom so that there is no worry of scratching a favorite candy dish or elegant display. Each glass chocolate sits in a brown paper candy cup and is individually boxed in a plain white truffle box or a beautiful custom box created especially for these treasures. An biographical enclosure card is included in every box.

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Two exquisite butterfly paperweights by Orient and Flume Glassworks, one of America's most respected studios of contemporary art glass.
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