Artists’ Market is an oasis of art, an exciting blend of a gallery, a museum, and a busy framing workshop. Here you’ll find artistic creations in a variety of media: classic contemporary handmade American crafts, exquisite fine art and photography as well as custom framing for those who want to show off something special or preserve heirlooms for future generations.

Walk through the door of this shop in Norwalk and your senses will have a field day. Glass glitters, chimes ring, wooden boxes scent the air, textiles delight the touch, and acquisition buds tingle. Ceramics, metals, and jewelry vie for your eye. Beautifully framed art hugs the walls. The gallery of fine art beckons with original works, including a room full of vintage prints by M.C. Escher and one of the largest exhibitions of photographer Christopher Burkett spectacular views of nature.

This sensual delight is the artistic concept of Jeffrey Price, owner of the Artists’ Market. Following his degree in art history from University of Connecticut, Mr. Price joined this family business founded in 1970. Now the sole proprietor, he has added his own dimensions and worked to create, in his own words, “an inviting environment of beautiful things.”

He travels all over the United States seeking artists who are tops in their fields: from glass blowers to metalworkers, ceramists to woodworkers, jewelers to textile weavers. “Sometimes we commission a piece,” he explains, “and work with the artist on color and style. We don’t sell ‘stuff,’ but artistic pieces that people can touch, feel, and fall in love with; something that will have a lasting place in their home. We also create a certain type of imortality with our framing. Frames, after all, last indefinately, and I’m proud that many of our creations will still be beautifying people’s lives in the far distant future.”

Original M.C. Escher woodcuts and lithographs on exhibit, bought and sold.